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Psychological growth and emotional well being.

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ANGELA STERANKO, PSY.D.Licensed Clinical Psychologist
I enjoy working with children, teens and young adults to encourage insight and to support them in taking control of problematic aspects of their lives. I genuinely connect with both a child’s and a parent’s perspective to help promote positive behavior and improved communication within a family.
My training has been focused on providing psychological services to children, teens and families. I chose to specialize in the younger population because it’s a proactive approach which encourages future success as adults. By addressing difficult problems early on and ensuring the fundamentals of mental health are supported, individuals are primed for success.
I’ve also specialized in therapy with young adults within a college campus setting. Young adulthood is often a time of finding your own identity and seeking a purpose. I truly value a person’s search for independence and sense of direction with wherever they’re at in their life.
In working with ages 3-30 years, there’s great diversity and a wide range of experiences that I am privileged to assist clients with. Most often, the clients I meet with struggle with anxiety, social difficulties, low mood, family stress and other problematic issues. If consent is given, I believe the best client care is when the client and I work collaboratively with family members and other professionals including primary care physicians, teachers, and psychiatrists to provide comprehensive care.

Fundamental Psychology was founded because I believe in promoting good mental health through a focus on the fundamentals. We can thrive in our daily lives by being Positive-Mindful-Active-& Social. Mental health can suffer when we are too focused on schedules, life demands, and daily pressures. By focusing our intentions on the fundamental aspects of psychological wellness we can be our most authentic and successful self.



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