Angela Michnowicz, LMHC

Angela Michnowicz

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I specialize in working with children, families, and adults. I am experienced in working with mood disorders, self esteem, behavior difficulties, social issues, and attachment issues. I find it important to work with my client’s support network (parents, family doctor, teacher, psychiatrist) if consent is given. When working with children, I offer parent education and facilitate healthy parent-child interaction. Within our time, parents gain knowledge and experience in how to set clear expectations, and respond during challenging moments. Clients I meet with typically see improvements in overall confidence and positive behaviors which strengthen connections within their relationships.
When working with clients of all ages, my therapeutic style offers a safe place to navigate deep waters, without fear of judgment. My treatment interventions are tailored to the client to be solution focused, and evidenced based. I offer walk and talk therapy as well as tele-health in addition to meeting in the office. Our self-esteem guides the way that we see ourselves in the world, decisions that we make for ourselves as well as the degree to which we believe we can actually achieve our goals. I believe that my clients are the experts of their own life, it is my role to provide education, support, tools, and a safe place to assist them in finding their true potential.