You and your partner set out to enjoy life together. But lately, when you look at your relationship, it breaks your heart that you spend more time battling each other than supporting each other.
Daily obligations and responsibilities don’t need to keep you from feeling the love you used to feel. You and your partner can find ways to communicate and appreciate each other despite all the things you have to balance in life.
Sometimes, life pulls you in so many directions that you don’t have much left to give to your relationship. You don’t have to settle for things being distant or tense. Unfortunately, attraction can fade, but it just means you and your partner need to be willing to dedicate yourselves to getting some of the passion back and being intentional about helping your relationship grow.
Navigating any stage of infidelity can be overwhelming. Couples counseling can help you navigate early discovery through determining if you would like to reconcile or move on with other relationships.
At Fundamental Psychology, couples counseling offers a safe space for you and your partner to explore the parts of your relationship that may not be working well. Together, we can resolve conflict and improve communication. Fundamental Psychology, affirms and values all relationships and individualized goals within each couple.


If you and your partners’ schedules are difficult to coordinate, then ask about our virtual sessions. Even if you aren’t in the same place, you can both connect online with your therapist. Couples love the virtual option because they can be at work on their lunch break or in the car waiting at a sports event and still participate in meaningful work on their relationship.

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