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Stand Up To Anxiety

June 16th, 9am-12pm- Workshop for Teens (Ages 13-19)

If you have a teen who struggles with anxiety and might benefit from being outdoors and taking some action we’re having a summer workshop that may be perfect for them.

The “Stand Up to Anxiety” paddle board workshop will be led by Dr. Angela Steranko, a licensed clinical psychologist, along with a certified paddle board instructor. Dr. Angela, specializes in working with children and teens struggling with anxiety. The focus of the workshop will be on challenging teens negativity, as well as practicing mindfulness and acceptance. By being actively engaged in paddle boarding, teens are able to have opportunities to challenge negative thoughts in the moment. Education regarding general self care and kindness will also be discussed.

 “Positive mental health doesn’t have to happen in the office. – Dr. Angela Steranko”

 Small groups of 6 teens (max). If you think your teen would be interested please contact Dr. Steranko’s office via email or by phone 941-275-9183. 

Fee: $90  for 3 hr. workshop

Located at the Venice Inlet

No paddle board experience necessary

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