Jennifer Grennell, RCSWI

Registered Clinical
Social Work Intern

Jennifer Grennell

Registered Clinical Social Work Intern

My name is Jennifer Grennell. I am a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern with a Masters in Social Work from Florida State University. I offer reduced fee therapy to children and families at Fundamental Psychology while obtaining hours towards licensure. I am an enthusiastic therapist, dedicated to researching and using effective therapeutic techniques that will help my clients meet their goals. I am very passionate about strengthening relationships as well as empowering children, adolescents and adults to overcome obstacles. Together we can work towards a sense of stability and confidence.

I strongly believe that clients are stronger and more resilient than they often realize and that using a clients’ own strengths is most effective in helping them improve their well-being. I have a great deal of experience working with teens and young adults on issues such as anxiety, irritability and low mood. I have a heart for working with young children and new mothers as well. I love strengthening family units and improving communication between children and parents. 

I am trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy and also basic certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy. I enjoy using these tools to help clients change negative thinking and move past traumatic experiences.  I’m very passionate about continuing education and can’t wait to grow and learn at this practice.

I receive supervision towards my licensure from Yesenia Reta, licensed clinical social worker. I also engage in regular supervision and consultation with Dr. Angela Steranko to ensure I’m providing the best quality care for our clients using researched based interventions.