Krislyn Hyatt, LMHC


Licensed Mental Health Counselor

I specialize in working with children and families. I am highly experienced in providing therapy to children and teenagers with attention/hyperactivity, depression, anxiety, poor attachment, and behavioral difficulties.  In addition, I support families who have children on the Autism Spectrum and/or who have an intellectual disability, to encourage success at home and school. Through our work, kids and teens who previously struggled with managing their emotions can learn to identify and express themselves in healthy ways.  I find working with children and their parents incredibly rewarding. Parents are able to be involved and supported throughout our therapy process to encourage consistency and progress at home.  

    What are often viewed as problematic behaviors in our kids, tend to really be old coping strategies their very young brains came up with that are simply not helpful to them anymore.  My goal is to understand each child’s needs, provide the education and skills for managing their emotions, and adapt their environments accordingly to set everyone up for success. I believe in a holistic approach to care and have a wealth of knowledge and additional certifications in trauma focused care and as a personal trainer/fitness coach. Here at Fundamental Psychology, I offer walk and talk sessions, in office or online sessions to best meet each clients needs.

    I pride myself on collaborating with children and their families so they can better understand and process their current challenges.  We work together to identify and replace old unhealthy coping strategies with new effective ones.  We can identify where there is a breakdown in communication and adjust how to address a situation so that all parties are invested and feel respected.  I provide education and facilitate practice of life skills such as emotional awareness and regulation, healthy communication and social skills, hygiene, establishing positive routines, and more.