Online Therapy Sessions- Convenient Mental Health


In the spirit of keeping with the technology, I’m doing a video to introduce my new online therapy sessions. At first, I was hesitant to integrate online counseling services. I was concerned about the quality of the interpersonal connection and the comfort level of being in the same room with someone. However, thanks to the encouragement from colleagues and out of necessity from circumstances happening in my clients lives, online sessions have now become an invaluable part of my practice. It’s been a perfect way to decrease some of the barriers which could keep people from accessing the services they need. Online sessions help young professionals who have a hard time getting away from work or college students who have started school. It’s also been convenient for clients who have an issue with transportation but still want to meet regularly. I have found it’s helpful to have the first session in person then go to online sessions but depending on the circumstances we could just start with online sessions from the beginning.


I’ll tell you a bit about how it works. To ensure that our connection is encrypted and private I use a HIPAA compliant platform which means your health information is protected and secure. The platform I use is super convenient. Prior to the appointment time you’re sent an email with a link. You click the link and you’re brought to a virtual waiting room. No creating an account or trying to figure out log in information. You simply click the link and you’re good to go.  At the appointment time I join the session and we can begin. Some more information about outside of the office counseling options such as online counseling can be found here. Services Online Intake forms, office paperwork and payment information is all entered before the appt. so no need to worry about any of that stuff during the session. We just get to focus on the issues. If you’re interested in scheduling an online session or you’d like to set up in person sessions, connect with me at to schedule an initial phone consult. Feel free to read more about all of the therapy services offered at Fundamental Psychology by clicking here, Therapy Services.

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