Project Description

Each family is made of individuals with their own personality, needs and ways of communicating.  Nobody exists in their own bubble. You feed off the energy and mood of loved ones around you.

You may have a tough time relating to each other and feel as though you’re just roommates living in the same house passing each other as you’re off in different directions. You’re not the only family going through this. With the demands of daily life continuing to increase, it’s easy to feel disconnected from your loved ones at times. However, your family doesn’t have to stay distant.

At Fundamental Psychology, you can connect with your loved ones in a safe and healthy way. Each member of your family has a valuable perspective on how to improve the family dynamic. Together, we can explore when to be flexible and when to set boundaries.

We can also help you navigate transitions that tend to create stress such as divorce and blended family issues. At Fundamental Psychology, we help you find a way to honor your needs as an individual, while still balancing the needs of the family, to ensure everyone feels cared for and respected. Ultimately, family therapy is about coming together to build strong, lasting bonds.

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Diane Clukey-Chenard
Diane Clukey-ChenardLicensed Clinical Social Worker
Dr. Angela Steranko
Dr. Angela SterankoLicensed Clinical Psychologist
Susan Page
Susan PageLicensed Mental Health Counselor