Project Description

Curious about IQ and Achievement Testing?

Dr. Steranko adheres to the school district regulations in determining gifted eligibility. Gifted testing helps identify a student’s cognitive and academic functioning in order to determine gifted eligibility and appropriate placement.

Gifted Testing is available for pre-K through high school students.

IQ testing is required by most schools as part of their admission process for gifted programming. Schools designated as Gifted Magnet Programs require both IQ and Achievement Testing as part of their admission process. Gifted evaluations provide detailed information regarding strengths and potential areas of weakness.

When testing is completed within our practice,  Dr. Steranko make’s every effort to ensure the results are the best representation of your child’s ability. She ensures you and your child feel comfortable with the testing process before you begin, your child can take as many breaks as needed and go at their own pace. As part of the evaluation, a full written report and feedback session is provided to the family. When evaluations occur in private practice, parents have full control as to whether they share the report with their child’s school.

Tests include:

  • Intellectual Assessments: ($500)
    • Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children – Fifth Edition (WISC-V)
    • Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales – Second Edition (RIAS2)
  • Academic Achievement Assessments: ($200)
    • Kaufman Test of Educational Achievement- Third Edition (KTEA-3)
    • Wechsler Individual Achievement Test – Third Edition (WIAT-III)

Academic Achievement without IQ Assessment – $300

**Time allotted for testing is 3-5hrs depending on the number of assessments and includes a clinical interview.**