Project Description

Linda Thompson, Ph.d., LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I specialize in helping individuals, couples and families improve communication and coping skills in order to form more meaningful connections.

Individual work often involves valuing your authentic self without trying to live up to other’s expectations. I utilize an integrative approach of managing symptoms in the present, while exploring the influence of past negative experiences and relationships.

Within couples, I focus on navigating relationships after infidelity, high conflict relationships, and bringing attraction back with your partner. All types of relationships are welcomed including those with unique and individualized goals.

When working with families, I feel it’s most helpful to have as many family members present as possible. We’re able to improve communication about everyones needs and expectations in order to improve the whole family dynamic. I help families navigate difficult situations and figure out when we need to be flexible and when we need to set boundaries.