Project Description

If you’ve thought about seeking therapy, but you’re just not sure how to squeeze it in to your schedule, thinking outside the box, or rather office, may be the solution.

In addition to more traditional “in office” sessions, Fundamental Psychology offers online therapy sessions and the opportunity for “Walk and Talk” sessions. Fundamental Psychology believes in decreasing as many of the barriers as we can, that may keep someone from speaking with a therapist.  By offering online and walking sessions we’re able to connect with a larger group of individuals who otherwise wouldn’t attend traditional therapy due to busy schedules.


You can learn more about online therapy on our blog ONLINE THERAPY SESSIONS. Online sessions allow you to connect with a therapist, through video. You can get the exact same benefits of driving to a counselors office from the comfort of your own home or office. No need to take extra time off work, get childcare coordinated or try to squeeze a trip to our office in to your already busy personal life. It is possible to get the help you need while maintaining the lifestyle you’ve built. Fundamental Psychology uses a convenient, secure and HIPAA compliant online platform to provide all online counseling sessions. Easy to use, all you need is a computer with a camera, microphone and internet access.


Sessions typically occur on the Venetian Waterway Park (Legacy Trail) which is located directly behind the office in Southbridge Park. Being active and connecting with nature helps to create a healthy balance in your life and refocus your efforts on the fundamentals of good mental health. While on walks, therapy is conducted in the same way that would occur in the office. While walking, sessions can focus on practicing mindfulness, stress reduction and connecting with the outdoors. When your body is moving forward you can make great strides towards moving your mind forward and achieving your therapeutic goals. As an added bonus, while walking along the waterway you have the opportunity to see dolphins, tortoises and a variety of birds.

It cannot be guaranteed that others will not overhear parts of a conversation while out in public. However, this issue can be easily navigated by pausing while talking if you and your therapist pass someone. Maintaining privacy typically does not present a significant issue during Walk and Talk sessions. This is slow to moderate walking. You set the pace. The goal is not exercise but rather your therapeutic progress. With that said, you will likely feel more energized after a 40-minute walk and 10-minute cool down/ review back in the office.

At Fundamental Psychology, online counseling or walking sessions offer a safe space to explore things in life that may not be working well without having to be in your therapist’s office. Both are a great way to work on yourself and learn better ways to handle your thoughts, feelings and relationships. Together, we can use sessions to look at barriers keeping you from implementing the changes you’d like.

Click on the pictures below to see full profiles for clinicians who offer online or walking sessions.

Dr. Angela Steranko
Dr. Angela SterankoLicensed Clinical Psychologist
Jenny Parella
Jenny ParellaLicensed Mental Health Counselor
Susan Page
Susan PageLicensed Mental Health Counselor
Diane Clukey-Chenard
Diane Clukey-ChenardLicensed Clinical Social Worker