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Project Description

Interested in Therapy?

Our initial phone consultation will ensure I am the best fit for you or your child. We will review current issues, discuss expectations and set a convenient time for us to meet.

I typically approach sessions from a cognitive behavioral background. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is rooted in empirical research to support a high level of effectiveness. CBT involves understanding our thoughts, feelings and behaviors to better guide future experiences. By being more aware of how our thoughts influence our perceptions we can change how we perceive our interactions with our world and those around us.  You don’t have to have a mental health diagnosis to benefit from CBT. It can be an effective tool to help anyone manage stressful situations. In addition to CBT, I pull from various therapeutic approaches when deemed appropriate to best meet a client where they are at and help them make progress. Common additional therapeutic approaches include Dialectical Behavior, Action Commitment, Family and Interpersonal Therapy.

In addition to more traditional “in office” sessions, I also offer online therapy sessions and the opportunity for “Walk and Talk” sessions. I believe in decreasing as many of the barriers as I can that may keep someone from speaking with a therapist.  By offering online and walking sessions I’m able to connect with a larger group of individuals who otherwise wouldn’t be open to traditional therapy. You can learn more about online therapy on my blog ONLINE THERAPY SESSIONS.

Walk and Talk Sessions: Being active and connecting with nature helps to create a healthy balance in your life and refocus your efforts on the fundamentals of good mental health. While on our walks, we conduct therapy in the same way that we would in the office. While walking, we can more easily practice mindfulness, stress reduction and connect with the outdoors. When your body is moving forward you can make great strides towards moving your mind forward and achieving your therapeutic goals.

Walks are typically taken on the Venetian Waterway Park (Legacy Trail) which is located directly behind my office in Southbridge Park. While walking along the waterway we have the opportunity to see dolphins, tortoises and a variety of birds. It cannot be guaranteed that others will not overhear parts of a conversation. However, this issue can be easily navigated by pausing while talking if we pass someone and typically does not present a significant issue during Walk & Talk sessions.

It is always the clients choice to make the “weather call” if it is too hot or rainy. Please come to session already in appropriate walking shoes and clothing. If you need to change there is a bathroom in the office for your convenience. This is slow to moderate walking. You set the pace. The goal is not exercise but rather your therapeutic progress. With that said, you will likely feel more energized after a 40 minute walk and 10 minute cool down/ review back in the office.

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