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I value your right to choose how your mental health

services will be provided


Therapy Services

Interested in Therapy? Our initial phone consultation will ensure I am the best fit for you or your child. We will review current issues, discuss expectations and set a convenient time for us to meet. I typically approach sessions from a cognitive behavioral background. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is rooted in empirical research to support a high level of effectiveness. CBT involves understanding our thoughts, feelings and behaviors to better guide future experiences. By being more aware of how our thoughts influence our perceptions we can change how we perceive our interactions with our world [...]


Gifted Testing

IQ and Achievement Testing Dr. Steranko adheres to the school district regulations in determining gifted eligibility. Gifted testing helps identify a student's cognitive and academic functioning in order to determine gifted eligibility and appropriate placement. Gifted Testing is available for pre-K through high school students. IQ testing is required by most school as part of their admission process for gifted programming. Schools designated as Gifted Magnet Programs require both IQ and Achievement Testing as part of their admission process. Gifted evaluations provide detailed information regarding strengths and potential areas of weakness. When testing is completed [...]


Speaking Engagements

Thinking About Having a Guest Presenter? I offer engaging presentations on relevant mental health topics that encourage learning and participation. Presentations can be geared for various audiences including parents, teachers or students. I'm happy to work with you to tailor a talk for a specific topic and audience of your choosing. I also have several popular topics including; Positive Parenting, Kids-Teens & Screens, Social Survival-Dealing with Rejection and Bullying, Social Anxiety, and Mindfulness. For a quick sense of who I am, watch one my videos on my website like this one on Social Anxiety or this one [...]



Considering Finances? At my practice I value your right to choose how your mental health services will be provided and therefore accept private pay or will provide you with necessary information to file with your insurance company for “out of network” benefits. You may be able to seek reimbursement from your insurance provider for some or all of the payments you make to my practice. At your request, I can provide you with invoices that contain the necessary insurance billing codes for you to submit to your insurer. Benefits of seeing an out of network [...]

Make An Appointment

Have you exhausted all of your resources and need some guidance? When you’re ready to get started with therapy, reach out by calling (941) 275-9183 or email to make an appointment.