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Who I Help

Most often, the clients I help struggle with anxiety, social difficulties, low mood, family stress and other problematic issues. If consent is given, I believe the best client care is when the client and I work collaboratively with family members and other professionals including primary care physicians, teachers, and psychiatrists to provide comprehensive care.

I am highly experienced in working with children, adolescents and young adults through their 20’s. I offer a relaxed, judgement-free atmosphere to help guide families through challenges and provide support through approaches based on research. I’ve chosen to specialize in the younger population because it’s a proactive approach which encourages future success as adults. By addressing difficult problems early on and ensuring the fundamentals of mental health are supported, individuals are more successful.

I also specialize in therapy with young adults. Early adulthood is often a time of navigating relationships, finding your own identity and seeking a purpose. I truly value a person’s search for independence and sense of direction with wherever they’re at in their life.