Children & Teens

Children & Teens

Help Your Child Navigate Difficult Emotions

As a parent, you want your child to have a happy and well balanced life. The fundamentals of a healthy life include feeling connected to family, welcomed by friends, and being able to actively enjoy experiences in order to make positive memories. Sometimes the reality of raising a happy, healthy kid in today’s world is complicated and difficult. It’s heartbreaking when they struggle to find happiness, act out in hurtful ways, have difficulty meeting the right friend group or fall behind in school.

Fundamental Psychology is here to support you and your child in navigating difficult situations and experiences.


If your family schedule is busy with after-school clubs and sports or your work schedule makes it difficult to come to the office, then virtual sessions are available during convenient afternoon and evening appointment times. In home therapy sessions with children and teens can be just as effective as in office. We follow the same structure as in office sessions and ensure your goals are being addressed.

For families with younger children the guided play in their own home is more natural. Therapists can coach parents in specific skills to increase positive behavior and cooperation.

For teens, clients often appreciate virtual appointments and being able to be in their home when discussing personal and vulnerable information. Teens appreciate virtual sessions because they optimize the afterschool hours when homework, and extracurriculars may make it difficult to get everything done.