Tips for Surviving a High Conflict Divorce

How to Reduce Parent Conflict During Divorce. Children of divorce, whose parents are engaging in ongoing conflict of fighting or badmouthing each other, will likely experience more emotional distress, anxiety and depression. In addition to the many difficulties that come along with separation and divorce, being exposed to high levels of conflict can be enough […]

Does your child need therapy?

People are often curious about what type of clients I see or what type of issues a child could have that would require therapy. However, the population of students I meet with don’t fit a mold.  I see such a wide variety of amazingly unique students. I see the cheerleading captain, the band geek, the […]

Divorce Reading List

Simply put, divorce can be difficult for children. It means big changes to their life, where they live and who they see day to day. It’s also a million little changes; new daily routines, how dad packs their lunch different than mom, or how they have to communicate more via phone or facetime with whichever parent […]