What to do for a child who may be grieving

Grieving and death can be taboo topics because everyone grieves differently and has different beliefs about what happens after death. Regardless of beliefs, lots of adults can have a tough time finding the words to help a child cope with death in a healthy way. Well here are a few things that can help make […]

Tips for Surviving a High Conflict Divorce

How to Reduce Parent Conflict During Divorce. Children of divorce, whose parents are engaging in ongoing conflict of fighting or badmouthing each other, will likely experience more emotional distress, anxiety and depression. In addition to the many difficulties that come along with separation and divorce, being exposed to high levels of conflict can be enough […]

Does your child need therapy?

People are often curious about what type of clients I see or what type of issues a child could have that would require therapy. However, the population of students I meet with don’t fit a mold.  I see such a wide variety of amazingly unique students. I see the cheerleading captain, the band geek, the […]

When Stubbornness Strikes!

Kids often have different priorities than their parents. For instance, at the top of a kid’s priority list :1) play 2) relax 3) play with friends. Whereas a parent’s priority list may include things like 1) safety 2) education 3) household chores 4) family schedule 5) getting good food in your body  6) getting enough […]

The “right” therapist for your child

In your search for a therapist you may see dozens of counselor bio’s for your area and it can be hard to tell one apart from another. Here are some tips to set you in the right direction when it comes to picking a counselor for you or your child. Finding the “right fit” with a therapist […]

5 Ways To Deal With Tantrums

Dealing with your child’s tantrums. When you’re in the middle of a meltdown or tantrum it may feel as though your child is disrespecting you and your rules. Rightfully so, it can be incredibly difficult for you to keep your cool. However, the first step towards resolution is changing how we think about tantrums and […]