Kindness is Contagious -Mindfulness and Acceptance

Kindness is Contagious. For the third and final post on the mindfulness and acceptance lecture, I will focus on how to implement mindfulness during difficult times. (See the first two posts here Feel the Pain & Take a Breath). I’m choosing to emphasize the difficult times because that’s when it can be most challenging to be positive […]

Take a Breath – Mindfulness and Acceptance

Using Our Breath to be Present. Mindfulness and using our breath to be present. In my experience as a therapist, mindfulness is something that people utilize to bring themselves out of their worry or discomfort and into the present moment. Often times, breathing is used as a tool to achieve mindfulness because it’s something that […]

Feel the Pain – Mindfulness and Acceptance

Accept Discomfort. I recently attended a mindfulness and acceptance lecture at Kadampa Meditation Center of Florida. This was the first lecture I had attended there. I was intrigued by this topic and interested to see how mindfulness was practiced within different communities. If you’re questioning whether you should step outside your comfort zone and attend […]

4 Ways To Improve That Negative Mood Right Now

Negative mood busters! Feeling in a funk is no fun. In fact it sucks! We all feel down from time to time, sometimes it’s because we’ve had a bad day at school or work, sometimes it’s because something within our personal relationships isn’t going well. Whatever the reason, we may not be able to control […]