Child Therapy Introduction Video Transcript Hi! I’m Dr. Angela Steranko, licensed psychologist, myself and several other clinicians here at the practice specialize in working with children and teens. At Fundamental Psychology, we understand how important it is to build a positive relationship with a child and their family. We strive to create a really warm and welcoming […]

You’re soo OCD

The term OCD has become synonymous with being neat or a perfectionist.  If that’s the case, aren’t we all a little OCD at times? We have particular ways we like things done or we feel a bit uncomfortable. Sometimes we just think our way is better than someone else’s. The difference between personal quirks and […]

New Office, New Services! Walk & Talk Therapy now available

Walk and Talk Therapy is now available. I recently moved into a larger space with more natural light and it feels great! However, as much as I love my new space there is no substitute for being outside and being active. Therefore “Walk and Talk” was the natural “next step” for my practice (get it […]

ABC7 Mental Health Resources in College

I participated in a discussion this week on ABC 7 regarding mental health resources in college. Please click on the link for the full segment video. I’d like to share some of information that I was not able to discuss on air due to time constraints. I think it is important for families and students […]

Does your child need therapy?

People are often curious about what type of clients I see or what type of issues a child could have that would require therapy. However, the population of students I meet with don’t fit a mold.  I see such a wide variety of amazingly unique students. I see the cheerleading captain, the band geek, the […]

The “right” therapist for your child

In your search for a therapist you may see dozens of counselor bio’s for your area and it can be hard to tell one apart from another. Here are some tips to set you in the right direction when it comes to picking a counselor for you or your child. Finding the “right fit” with a therapist […]