5 Life Hacks to Reduce Anxiety and Panic

Keep these 5 Life Hacks handy for when you’re feeling anxious. 1) Acceptance Remember anxiety is a feeling and in this moment you are feeling anxious, but this moment will pass. 2) Deep breathing Pay attention to your breath. Try low, deep “belly breaths” because they activate your body’s relaxation response. 3) False Alarm Realize your brain may be playing tricks on you. You are not dying or in danger but it feels that way. Do a “reality check” and reassure yourself you are safe. 4) Challenge Your Thoughts What if I embarrass myself? What if they totally hate me? Remind yourself that although it may be uncomfortable you will not die from embarrassment or others not liking you. Most of the time those worst-case scenarios don’t even happen. 5) Focus On Right Now Pay attention to what’s happening now, not what might happen in the future. Do something fun or positive that you can control rather than obsess about something that may or may not happen.

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