Become The Parent You Want To Be

With these 7 tips you can be the type of parent you want to be.

1) Remember: How were you parented? Do you want to raise your child in a similar household? What do you want your children to remember of their childhood? 2) Set Priorities: What are the values your family will focus on?  Is it most important for your children to 1) Have good manners, 2) Freely express themselves, or 3) Be kind above all else? 3) Teach: Teach children the lessons you’ve prioritized. Remember that modeling what you want to see is key. Example- If you highly value kindness, then show compassion instead of anger when someone wrongs you. 4) Be Present: Learn the lessons your child is teaching you. Seeing things through fresh eyes and approaching things with curiosity. 5) Boundaries: Setting limits can sometimes feel like we’re being “mean” to our children but children truly thrive in environments when they feel comforted by boundaries. Children will know what to expect from you or from their own behavior. 6) Love: Show love through your actions and say you love them often. Show appreciation for their efforts regardless of the outcome. Comfort them when needed. 7) Appreciate: Be aware that your child’s experience is different from your own. Appreciate the differences in personality between siblings as well. By following these tips you can create a memorable and positive childhood. Be the parent you want to be.

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