Gifted Programming 2024

Deadline to request a gifted screening, evaluation, and/or rating scale*…………….. January 19, 2024

Deadline to inform the districted school that a private evaluation will be submitted. This will allow the school to complete gifted rating scales and other required components by the submission deadline (for magnet programming only). Proof of Residency must be established. ……….March 22, 2024

Deadline for submission of all required documents for gifted magnet consideration…. April 5, 2024

* Parents have the option to seek out a private psychological evaluation (intellectual assessment) at their own expense, BUT a request for Gifted Rating Scales must be made to the districted school BEFORE the stated deadline.

Magnet Program (Accelerated) – Students receive instruction in a classroom with all gifted students taught by a teacher qualified to work with gifted students. This program option focuses on an accelerated curriculum – grade ahead instruction in English/Language Arts and Math. Gifted students considered for this program must meet additional eligibility criteria for entry for the 2023-24 school year (see Gifted Magnet Programs below). 
Advanced Work Classroom (Full-time) – Students are placed in a classroom with other gifted children and a teacher qualified to work with gifted students. The class also includes students who are not identified as gifted but excel academically. This program option focuses on enrichment activities as well as instruction on a grade-level curriculum. 

Gifted Screening

Any Sarasota County student may be referred for a gifted screening to determine the need for further evaluation. Students who meet the minimum score of 130 on an intelligence screening instrument may be referred for a full evaluation. Any student with a current psychological evaluation that reports an intelligence quotient (IQ) that meets the IQ portion of the state criteria for the gifted is exempt from gifted screening and may be referred by the school for gifted eligibility determination. Screening activities are available for Sarasota County residents and students attending private schools in Sarasota County.

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