New Gifted Testing Deadlines


Due to COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated 4/22/20

May 1st, 2020 will be the new deadline for all parts of a gifted application except IQ. This means you will need to contact your district school’s ESE Liaison as soon as possible to start the gifted eligibility process even if your child has not had an IQ test. The IQ portion can be submitted any time prior to the June 23rd, 2020 deadline.

Students Who Need IQ Testing

Our practice will plan to offer in person IQ assessments starting May 4th, 2020 and continuing until the June 23rd, 2020 deadline. We will take extra precautions to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for each student.

Students Who Need Achievement Scores

Kindergarten – 3rd Grade will use the January (or second) diagnostic of iReady or a nationally normed group achievement test such as the IOWA.

4th Grade -12th grade will use 2019 FSA or a group-administered test within the last 12 months. A student will need to have scores of 4’s and 5’s on the reading and math portions of the FSA/EOC for eligibility. For group achievement tests, including IOWA testing, PSAT or SAT, scores in the 90th percentile or higher in both reading and math will be needed.

If your child has not had access to a group administered achievement test, you will need permission to have your child participate in an individualized achievement test prior to the June 23rd 2020 deadline. This would apply to some home school students and students at private schools.

Contact Your ESE Liaison About Gifted Eligibility

We recommend you immediately send an email addressed to your school’s ESE Liaison and copy the school Principal indicating your desire for your child to be considered for gifted eligibility. In your email, note that you are working with a private practice evaluator to complete the necessary IQ portion.

Given this new timeline, please understand that the ESE Liaisons now have increased responsibilities to assess achievement eligibility, coordinate the gifted characteristics questionnaire with teachers, and receive forms requiring your signature to proceed with the process. If parents miss the 5/1/20 deadline for all supplemental paperwork– even if an IQ is later turned in – they will likely not be able to attend a magnet school next school year.

What Sets Fundamental Psychology Apart

Evaluations are conducted in a clean and comfortable environment to ensure we get a student’s best effort. At Fundamental Psychology, there are no distractions and plenty of time for breaks. The relaxed setting and pace helps set students at ease for their evaluation.

In addition, Fundamental Psychology uses ipad administration, when possible, for accurate and fast test results. By utilizing electronic vs. paper and pencil administration, we’re able to have access to test results immediately thanks to real time scoring.

Fundamental Psychology works closely with the Sarasota County school district to ensure accurate results and the appropriate academic recommendations for your child. 

Additional Gifted Testing Resources

You can read more about gifted testing at our practice at the following link

Sarasota County also has additional information about criteria for eligibility to magnet and advanced classroom programs located at

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