Psychological Screeners

If you have concerns about your child’s psychological growth and development, you may wonder where to start or what would be most helpful for your child.  You may question if a complete evaluation is necessary and how to best obtain the assistance your child may need.  A psychological screener is an efficient way to answer these questions and receive recommendations regarding an appropriate course of action. 


At Fundamental Psychology, we offer two types of psychological screeners: One for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD), and one for autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  The screeners are brief assessments designed to determine whether a full evaluation is warranted.  Here is what is typically included:


  • Clinical interview. This gives you a chance to speak with the examiner in depth about your concerns and for the examiner to ask relevant follow up questions to learn more your child.
  • For older children, this includes participation in the clinical interview and conversation.  For younger children, this may include watching as they engage in unstructured play with you, the examiner, or both.
  • Rating scales. You will be asked to complete a brief rating scale to assess symptom quantity, frequency, and severity.


No diagnoses or eligibility determinations are available following a screener.  However, the examiner will provide recommendations for follow-up care, which may include full evaluation or referral for community or school-based supports.  If full evaluation is recommended, the screener fee is applied towards the total evaluation cost. Read more about autism and AD/HD assessments here.


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