Getting Your Anxious Kid to Sleep

The Problem: So many parents struggle with bedtime, especially if your child is anxious and has trouble falling asleep on their own. But imagine having a child who is comfortable enough to sleep on their own or imagine some down time for yourself to relax after you put your kids to sleep. Sound like a […]

Become The Parent You Want To Be

With these 7 tips you can be the type of parent you want to be. 1) Remember: How were you parented? Do you want to raise your child in a similar household? What do you want your children to remember of their childhood? 2) Set Priorities: What are the values your family will focus on? […]

What to do for a child who may be grieving

Grieving and death can be taboo topics because everyone grieves differently and has different beliefs about what happens after death. Regardless of beliefs, lots of adults can have a tough time finding the words to help a child cope with death in a healthy way. Well here are a few things that can help make […]

What is 2e? The Twice Exceptional (2e) Gifted Child

What does that term mean and how do we use it? Twice exceptional means that a child is intellectually gifted but also has a disability diagnosis of some form which interferes with their ability to learn. Quite literally it means the child is exceptional one time for their giftedness and exceptional a second time for […]

When Stubbornness Strikes!

Kids often have different priorities than their parents. For instance, at the top of a kid’s priority list :1) play 2) relax 3) play with friends. Whereas a parent’s priority list may include things like 1) safety 2) education 3) household chores 4) family schedule 5) getting good food in your body  6) getting enough […]

Fair Parenting? A response to “That’s not fair!”

Should “Fair Parenting” be the goal? That’s not fair! Parents of multiple kids hear that comment pretty frequently and it’s enough to drive anyone a little mad. One mistake parents often make is attempting to bend over backwards to make things fair for their kids. As parents it is not your job, nor is it […]

5 Ways To Deal With Tantrums

Dealing with your child’s tantrums. When you’re in the middle of a meltdown or tantrum it may feel as though your child is disrespecting you and your rules. Rightfully so, it can be incredibly difficult for you to keep your cool. However, the first step towards resolution is changing how we think about tantrums and […]