July Paddle Board Workshop

Stand Up To Anxiety Paddle Board Workshop We really enjoyed our June Paddle Board workshop and because of continued interest we have opened up a July workshop. I saw so much connection amongst the June participants. They were troopers and really challenged themselves to get out of their comfort zone. The goal was to be […]

What is 2e? The Twice Exceptional (2e) Gifted Child

What does that term mean and how do we use it? Twice exceptional means that a child is intellectually gifted but also has a disability diagnosis of some form which interferes with their ability to learn. Quite literally it means the child is exceptional one time for their giftedness and exceptional a second time for […]

Fair Parenting? A response to “That’s not fair!”

Should “Fair Parenting” be the goal? That’s not fair! Parents of multiple kids hear that comment pretty frequently and it’s enough to drive anyone a little mad. One mistake parents often make is attempting to bend over backwards to make things fair for their kids. As parents it is not your job, nor is it […]