What Is A Therapy Intensive And Should I Consider One?

With traditional therapy, you attend an hour-long therapy session once a week, maybe every other week; eventually moving to as-needed sessions. Therapy Intensives offer multiple hours 3-4 of therapy in a given day, and are scheduled in one-day or multi-day increments.

These elongated sessions are particularly helpful for addressing trauma and for couples’ work. This is because you have more time to cover content and do more therapeutic work in a given day vs. over several weeks. Intensives provide a jumpstart for therapy, enable an individual or couple to breakthrough an impasse, delegate a space for intense processing and allow for concentrated, focused, in depth work. Intensives may be a great fit for those whose schedules might make weekly therapy a challenge.

Therapy intensives are offered online or in-person for all those wanting change. Whether you’ve done some therapy in the past and feel stuck or are new to therapy and looking for a springboard to begin your work. Therapy Intensives are often not covered by insurance but a portion may be reimbursed with a superbill.

Contact us and we will create an intensive geared towards your specific goals and provide an after care plan to maintain progress.

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