A.P. Classes: What Every Parent Should Know

Advanced Placement (A.P.) Classes: What Every Student Wants Their Parents To Know From a young age, students are told to enjoy their youth and take advantage of any opportunities that come along. High School is easily one of the best places to expand, grow, and challenge yourself. One of those opportunities for expanding knowledge is […]

Online Therapy Sessions- Convenient Mental Health

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2tlezRgcj8 ONLINE THERAPY: In the spirit of keeping with the technology, I’m doing a video to introduce my new online therapy sessions. At first, I was hesitant to integrate online counseling services. I was concerned about the quality of the interpersonal connection and the comfort level of being in the same room with someone. However, […]

Become The Parent You Want To Be

With these 7 tips you can be the type of parent you want to be. 1) Remember: How were you parented? Do you want to raise your child in a similar household? What do you want your children to remember of their childhood? 2) Set Priorities: What are the values your family will focus on? […]

You’re soo OCD

The term OCD has become synonymous with being neat or a perfectionist.  If that’s the case, aren’t we all a little OCD at times? We have particular ways we like things done or we feel a bit uncomfortable. Sometimes we just think our way is better than someone else’s. The difference between personal quirks and […]

Struggling with feeling confident in who you are?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLavlv3Rk1kMost people have trouble answering this question. Who are you? The difficulty in answering this question comes from having to select a sentence or two which would attempt to describe ourselves. Pretty impossible, right? Because you know that you are a complex person with so many layers and experiences. So how do we even begin […]

Kindness is Contagious -Mindfulness and Acceptance

Kindness is Contagious. For the third and final post on the mindfulness and acceptance lecture, I will focus on how to implement mindfulness during difficult times. (See the first two posts here Feel the Pain & Take a Breath). I’m choosing to emphasize the difficult times because that’s when it can be most challenging to be positive […]