Brain Longevity

Fundamental Psychology’s own Diane Clukey-Chenard, LCSW, RYT recently became certified as a Brain Longevity Specialist through the Alzheimers Research and Prevention Foundation. Her training is focused on preventative measures and is geared more towards younger ages to increase longevity and overall health.

Gifted Programming 2024

Deadline to inform the districted school that a private evaluation will be submitted. This will allow the school to complete gifted rating scales and other required components by the submission deadline (for magnet programming only). Proof of Residency must be established. ……….March 22, 2024

MIGDAS-2 Vs. Other Autism Assessments

Our testing psychologist, Dr. Colleen Crooms, recently completed her second training in the Monteiro Interview Guidelines for Diagnosing the Autism Spectrum, Second Edition (MIGDAS-2). Dr. Crooms had previously received training and began incorporating this assessment in her evaluations for adolescents and adults. Since starting with Fundamental Psychology, Dr. Crooms wanted to further explore and practice this assessment to use with all age ranges including young children. Dr. Crooms has had significant training and experience with other Autism assessment measures including both the ADOS-2 and CARS-2. In this blog we’ll describe each assessment briefly, explain why we utilize the MIGDAS above other autism assessments and share our approach to testing here at Fundamental Psychology.

Liar Liar

Here’s what you should do when your child turns into Pinocchio and starts telling big ol’ fat lies. Understand the Why? Telling lies can be a normal phase for children. Lies help children test boundaries and understand their world better. As children become more independent, they start to realize not everyone thinks the same as them or knows the same information as them. As children grow older, they can lie more successfully without getting caught because they are better at understanding how other people think.

Best of SRQ Local Nominations are Now Open!

Please take a moment to nominate Fundamental Psychology as SRQ Magazine’s 2024 Best Mental Health Services. We rely on your word of mouth referrals and appreciate your support. Voting is open now through 11/15. 

New Gifted Testing Deadlines

NEW GIFTED PROGRAM DEADLINES Due to COVID-19 Pandemic Updated 4/22/20 May 1st, 2020 will be the new deadline for all parts of a gifted application except IQ. This means you will need to contact your district school’s ESE Liaison as soon as possible to start the gifted eligibility process even if your child has not had an IQ test. The IQ […]


Gifted Evaluations – Part 1 For Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Gifted Evals. See Part 2 of this Blog Series by Clicking Here. Is Your Child Gifted? Is your child’s vocabulary advanced for their age? Do they solve problems quicker than their peers? Do they consume information with a passion? Many families wonder if […]

Volunteering is Vital for your Teens’ Self Esteem

Volunteering is Vital but There’s a Key Piece You Might be Missing As a psychologist specializing with children and teens, I often hear the groans from high schoolers as they scramble to complete their required volunteer hours for graduation. Unfortunately, this community service expectation seems to be viewed as a bothersome task for most teens […]

5 Life Hacks to Reduce Anxiety and Panic

Keep these 5 Life Hacks handy for when you’re feeling anxious. 1) Acceptance Remember anxiety is a feeling and in this moment you are feeling anxious, but this moment will pass. 2) Deep breathing Pay attention to your breath. Try low, deep “belly breaths” because they activate your body’s relaxation response. 3) False Alarm Realize […]

July Paddle Board Workshop

Stand Up To Anxiety Paddle Board Workshop We really enjoyed our June Paddle Board workshop and because of continued interest we have opened up a July workshop. I saw so much connection amongst the June participants. They were troopers and really challenged themselves to get out of their comfort zone. The goal was to be […]