New Gifted Testing Deadlines

NEW GIFTED PROGRAM DEADLINES Due to COVID-19 Pandemic Updated 4/22/20 May 1st, 2020 will be the new deadline for all parts of a gifted application except IQ. This means you will need to contact your district school’s ESE Liaison as soon as possible to start the gifted eligibility process even if your child has not had an IQ test. The IQ […]


Gifted Evaluations – Part 1 For Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Gifted Evals. See Part 2 of this Blog Series by Clicking Here. Is Your Child Gifted? Is your child’s vocabulary advanced for their age? Do they solve problems quicker than their peers? Do they consume information with a passion? Many families wonder if […]

Volunteering is Vital for your Teens’ Self Esteem

Volunteering is Vital but There’s a Key Piece You Might be Missing As a psychologist specializing with children and teens, I often hear the groans from high schoolers as they scramble to complete their required volunteer hours for graduation. Unfortunately, this community service expectation seems to be viewed as a bothersome task for most teens […]

5 Life Hacks to Reduce Anxiety and Panic

Keep these 5 Life Hacks handy for when you’re feeling anxious. 1) Acceptance Remember anxiety is a feeling and in this moment you are feeling anxious, but this moment will pass. 2) Deep breathing Pay attention to your breath. Try low, deep “belly breaths” because they activate your body’s relaxation response. 3) False Alarm Realize […]

July Paddle Board Workshop

Stand Up To Anxiety Paddle Board Workshop We really enjoyed our June Paddle Board workshop and because of continued interest we have opened up a July workshop. I saw so much connection amongst the June participants. They were troopers and really challenged themselves to get out of their comfort zone. The goal was to be […]

The “Major” Question Facing College Students

What do you want to be when you grow up?  Ask this question to a class of first graders, and their eyes will light up as they respond with magical answers such as a firefighter, doctor, or a pilot. Ask this question to a class of seniors graduating high school or a group of college students, […]

Empowering Therapeutic Activities Are Coming This Summer!

Experiential Therapy has been around since the 1970’s. It’s a term that can refer to engaging in physical activity while participating in the therapy. Paddle Boarding is just one of the experiential methods I use to meet clients’ needs within my practice. BENEFITS: Experiential Therapy offers several advantages: People don’t exist in their own bubble […]

How to Fail

The value of failing is often underestimated. Whether it’s a child learning to tie their own shoe or a teen trying a new sport, failure is unavoidable. If done right, failure can be incredibly valuable but when we fail and become discouraged it can lead to some pretty negative outcomes. Don’t try to avoid failure, […]

Social Anxiety – From Triggers to Treatment Social Anxiety What exactly is social anxiety? Everyone’s familiar with being nervous before meeting someone new or before giving a presentation. However, most people can get through it. If the stress and anxiety about these situations becomes too much to handle they may avoid social situations altogether. Small things like making eye contact, holding […]