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The “Major” Question Facing College Students


What do you want to be when you grow up?  Ask this question to a class of first graders, and their eyes will light up as they respond with magical answers such as a firefighter, doctor, or a pilot. Ask this question to a class of seniors graduating high school or a group of college students, [...]

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Empowering Therapeutic Activities Are Coming This Summer!


Experiential Therapy has been around since the 1970’s. It’s a term that can refer to engaging in physical activity while participating in the therapy. Paddle Boarding is just one of the experiential methods I use to meet clients’ needs within my practice. BENEFITS: Experiential Therapy offers several advantages: People don’t exist in their own bubble [...]

Empowering Therapeutic Activities Are Coming This Summer!2018-05-21T18:05:35+00:00

How to Fail


The value of failing is often underestimated. Whether it’s a child learning to tie their own shoe or a teen trying a new sport, failure is unavoidable. If done right, failure can be incredibly valuable but when we fail and become discouraged it can lead to some pretty negative outcomes. Don’t try to avoid failure, [...]

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Become The Parent You Want To Be


With these 7 tips you can be the type of parent you want to be. 1) Remember: How were you parented? Do you want to raise your child in a similar household? What do you want your children to remember of their childhood? 2) Set Priorities: What are the values your family will focus on? [...]

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Social Anxiety – From Triggers to Treatment


Social Anxiety What exactly is social anxiety? Everyone’s familiar with being nervous before meeting someone new or before giving a presentation. However, most people can get through it. If the stress and anxiety about these situations becomes too much to handle they may avoid social situations altogether. Small things like making eye contact, [...]

Social Anxiety – From Triggers to Treatment2018-04-03T19:02:16+00:00

You’re soo OCD


The term OCD has become synonymous with being neat or a perfectionist.  If that’s the case, aren’t we all a little OCD at times? We have particular ways we like things done or we feel a bit uncomfortable. Sometimes we just think our way is better than someone else’s. The difference between personal quirks and [...]

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Struggling with feeling confident in who you are?


Most people have trouble answering this question. Who are you? The difficulty in answering this question comes from having to select a sentence or two which would attempt to describe ourselves. Pretty impossible, right? Because you know that you are a complex person with so many layers and experiences. So how do we [...]

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Kindness is Contagious -Mindfulness and Acceptance


Kindness is Contagious. For the third and final post on the mindfulness and acceptance lecture, I will focus on how to implement mindfulness during difficult times. (See the first two posts here Feel the Pain & Take a Breath). I’m choosing to emphasize the difficult times because that’s when it can be most challenging to be positive [...]

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Take a Breath – Mindfulness and Acceptance


Using Our Breath to be Present. Mindfulness and using our breath to be present. In my experience as a therapist, mindfulness is something that people utilize to bring themselves out of their worry or discomfort and into the present moment. Often times, breathing is used as a tool to achieve mindfulness because it’s something that [...]

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