Psychological Screeners

If you have concerns about your child’s psychological growth and development, you may wonder where to start or what would be most helpful for your child.  You may question if a complete evaluation is necessary and how to best obtain the assistance your child may need.  A psychological screener is an efficient way to answer […]

AD/HD Evaluation: A Parent’s Starter Guide

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (AD/HD) is a lifelong condition that first emerges during early childhood and can be difficult to diagnose for a few reasons.  For one, many symptoms of AD/HD can be considered typical childhood behaviors, so it can be hard to distinguish what is ADHD-related and what is not.  Most importantly, the presentation of […]

Autism Testing

Autism Testing Does your child struggle with communication or with social skills in general?  Do they have very specific interests, struggle with adapting to changes in routine, or have a hard time managing their emotions?  You may have wondered if your child is on the autism spectrum.  A proper diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) […]

Deadline to Request Gifted Programming Did you know you can still obtain a private gifted evaluation after the deadline? As long as you submit a request to your districted school by Feb. 5th, we can provide IQ and Academic testing reports for the school of your choice. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. There is also […]

Child Therapy Introduction Video Transcript Hi! I’m Dr. Angela Steranko, licensed psychologist, myself and several other clinicians here at the practice specialize in working with children and teens. At Fundamental Psychology, we understand how important it is to build a positive relationship with a child and their family. We strive to create a really warm and welcoming […]

Thought Chain – My Most Used Therapy Tool

Thought Feelings Behavior Chain Think of any situation that is causing difficulties. For example, sitting down and getting homework done. Identify that it’s not about the situation it’s the way we think about the situation that causes trouble. The thoughts around it that might be causing problems are this is going to take too long, […]

Getting Your Anxious Kid to Sleep

The Problem: So many parents struggle with bedtime, especially if your child is anxious and has trouble falling asleep on their own. But imagine having a child who is comfortable enough to sleep on their own or imagine some down time for yourself to relax after you put your kids to sleep. Sound like a […]

Gifted Evals. -Everything You Need to Know

Gifted Evaluations- Part 2 of 2 For more information about gifted evaluations within my practice please read Part 1 of the Gifted Evaluations Series  Click here Gifted Education Referral Process A parent or teacher can request a gifted screening. Students who pass the screening will be referred to the school psychologist for a full evaluation. Screenings […]

Online Therapy Sessions- Convenient Mental Health ONLINE THERAPY: In the spirit of keeping with the technology, I’m doing a video to introduce my new online therapy sessions. At first, I was hesitant to integrate online counseling services. I was concerned about the quality of the interpersonal connection and the comfort level of being in the same room with someone. However, […]

What do Taekwondo and Therapy Have in Common?

Taekwondo Values 1)Courtesy 2) Integrity 3) Perseverance 4) Self-Control 5) Indomitable Spirit I recently learned of the 5 core Taekwondo Values and was impressed with their connection to therapeutic activities. These values are very similar to many of the positive core beliefs I work with my clients to instill. Students may be asked to recite […]